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Car traffic in Ghent’s inner city: the low emission zone is coming!

Flanders has always been a focal point for traffic on the European continent. In modern times this hasn’t always been positive for our air quality. To make the Flemish cities healthier to live by reducing carbon emissions, the government is currently introducing low emission zones. Especially older cars, which no longer live up to certain European norms, may therefor be prohoibited from entering the city centre. In Ghent this low emission zone goes into effect in 2020.

Now to be clear: our hotel Astoria is outside of that low emission zone, meaning that you won’t encounter any problems in reaching hotel Astoria itself, regardless of the type of car you drive. We merely communicate the following information because it may prove useful when planning your trip to Ghent.


The low emission zone for Ghent will be launched on Jamuary 1st 2020, but between now and then further information will already become available. In April of this year the official website www.lez2020.gent will become active, on which you will be able to check for updates. Around that time the tarriffs of both the fines and the permissions for the Ghent zone will be determined. These will largely coincide with those of the Antwerp zone.
In September the webtool “Check your car” will be launched, which will enable you to see if your car meets the norms and where you will be able to buy permissions. From that month onwards information flyers in 4 languages will also be available.


Very important: if you have a non-Belgian license plate, you need to register your vehicle online before you can enter the low emission zone, regardless of the type of car you drive. The advantage is that you only need to do this once and from that moment on you will be entered into the database. If you drive into the zone without registration, then you will still be able to register within 24 hours, but after that you will be fined. From 2020 onwards if you are registered for Antwerp, you will also be automatically registered for Ghent. ANPR cameras will monitor the inner city.
Do you have any questions about the low emission zone? Then you can contact mobility coach Louis De Geest at the number (+32)(0)485/45.09.58 or by e-mail Louis.degeest@stad.gent .