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The Walking Bus: The free alternative for Ghent’s car free zone

Since last year a good chunk of Ghent’s old city centre has become non-accessible by car. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re always obliged to go by foot in Ghent’s inner city. The city now provides a free walking bus.

These cute little buses, which look a bit like Dinky Toys, follow a fixed, looping trajectory through the car free zone. Do you have difficulty walking or do you want to give your feet a rest? Then just lift your hand when the bus passes by and you can ride along at no cost. The walking bus has no fixed stops, so do notify the driver when you want to get off.
There are three buses in total for the inner city, with a capacity of eight people per bus. Do you need some assistance in getting on and off? Then do ask the driver. Be mindful that the bus is inaccessible to wheelchairs. Also, don’t expect any Top Gear speeds: the walking bus drives along at a slow walking pace, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your view of Ghent. Service may be interrupted due to extreme weather conditions.


The walking bus provides service from Monday till Saturday, from 11 until 23 hours. On Monday till Thursday there’s a bus every 15 minutes from 11 to 19 hours, and every 45 minutes in the evening. On Fridays and Saturdays there’s a bus throughout the day every 15 minutes. The walking bus does not operate on Sundays, except for the monthly shopping Sunday and during special events (in that case also from 11 till 23 hours).
Want to get to know the walking bus? Then have a look at this video. The walking bus’s route is only a short tram trip away from our trusted Hotel Astoria, where you can settle down after your exploration of Ghent’s medieval centre.