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Creatures Made To Measure: beastly design

When reading the word “design”, we think about furniture, utilitarian objects, accessories… But mankind has also helped shape the other creatures living on this earth: just think about all the shapes and sizes of dogs we have bred from a single wolf species over thousands of years. Between May 17 and September 29 the Design Museum of Ghent focuses on the design between man and animal.

And it’s not limited to just small, cuddly pets. Just think of factory farming or laboratory meat. Matters which often leave us with a lot of ethical question marks. The exhibition explores how humans and animals can live together sustainably, and the role technology plays in this connectivity. In the search for the right balance designers create products for animals and look for possible alternatives to animal resources. They look into scenarios for possible futures.


During the exhibition special one-off events are planned as well. On July 21th  Michel Vandenbosch, president of the animal rights group GAIA, gives his vision on the exhibited objects. On July 27th  there is a workshop “bacterial leather”, where you can learn about this vegan alternative to leather.


On September 21 there is the theatre workshop “In the skin of an animal” and on September 22 Marjan Doom, veterinary and former member of the ethical committee on animal testing, will guide you through the collection.

More information on the exhibition and the events can be found here.
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