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Patershol Festivities 2018: Distinctive illustrations, folk music and a bit of countryside

From Friday August 10 till Sunday August 12 it’s once again time for the Patershol Festivities. The Patershol is the reference point in Ghent for those who enjoy good food and drink. These formers medieval workers’ quarter was renovated over 20 years ago and is now well known for its excellent restaurants and bars, in all styles and for all tastes. The deanery festivities of his neighbourhood, better known as the Patershol Festivities, are beloved by the locals because you can still get a glimpse here of the folkloric celebration the Ghent Festival used to be.

This year the Patershol Festivities feature the work of Mugo. Mugo, real name Hugo Moeraert, is a Ghent etcher, illustrator, illusionist, collector of old toys, magic books and curiosities, and well-versed in mysteries and the uncanny. He is a great admirer of classic horror authors Jean Ray and Edgar Allan Poe, and of the works of Oscar Wilde and Jacques Brel. During the Festivities you can discover his works in the old brewery of the Caermersklooster. You can also visit the exposition “Ecoprinting of leaves on silk and wool” by Tine Germer in the little park behind the Drongenhofkapel, or “Druk/werk”, an overview of the graphic work by Katleen Deleu, in her studio in Plotersgracht 24.


On the Kaatsspelplein and the 4-Sprong in the Plotersgracht there are musical acts throughout the Festival. Among them are the famous Les Folles de Gand, the South-Mexican music of Duo Quetzal, Irish folk by Davy Cautaerts and Co, the Koniklijke Harmonie Sint-Cecilia and the South-American and Cuban music of Canto de mi Tierra. Folk artist Wim Claeys celebrates the music of important Ghent folk musicians Walter De Buck and Karel Waeri, combined with his own compositions. There is also a youth stage, where the local young talent can put its best musical foot forward.


On Saturday August 11 you can also take part in the thematic walk “Locations, each with its own story”, with professional guides. On Sunday morning there is the big garage sale in the inner streets of the Patershol. During the whole weekend you can also visit the KraanWEI: the merchants of the Kraanlei will transform their street in a bit of countryside, with bales of straw, picnic blankets, folkloric games and surprising animations. And of course there is delicious food and drink throughout the Festivities. You can find some more info here.
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