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Expo “Smoke”: thank you for smoking!

Smoking is “not done” these days. We are all well aware of the health risks both to ourselves and other people. And yet all forms of tobacco consumption are part of our collective memory: that illicit first cigarette, the cigar for special occasions, grandfather’s pipe… A couple of decades ago doctors would praise the “purifying effect” of tobacco and the Flintstones were advertising cigarettes.

The House of Alijn, the Ghent museum of everyday life, presents a special exhibition from October 19th 2018 till April 22nd 2019 about the role smoking played in that daily life. Objects, publicity posters, photos and home movies give an overview of the history of tobacco in the twentieth century. The expo also shows how our own opinions on smoking have evolved over the years and what the reasons behind that change in mentality are.


It is also a good excuse to pay a visit to the House of Alijn itself, a beautiful museum that like no other brings to life the daily world of our parents and (great)grandparents. You will find the House of Alijn along the Kraanlei, which in its turn is your gateway into the medieval Patershol neighboorhood, home to many culinary delights. You can find more info on the expo here.
If after all that you feel like kicking the habit, you are welcome in our trusted hotel Astoria. All our rooms are smoking free, so you will not have to sleep with the smell of tobacco.
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