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Lights On Van Eyck and Kleureyck: a Flemish Master in Light and Color

The unique exhibition "Van Eyck: An Optical Revolution" can certainly be called an resounding success. Hundreds of thousands of people already travelled to our city to experience this "once in a lifetime" event. To all activities around the creator of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb is now added an impressive extra: Lights On Van Eyck.

Lights On Van Eyck is an overwhelming light and sound spectacle in the St. Nicholas’ Church in the medieval city center of Ghent, from March 28th to November 1st, 2020. It is a very accessible way to discover the work of one of Flanders’ greatest artists. Van Eyck’s art is celebrated in a lively blend of multimedia, music and image. Projections on the church walls and vaults cover the entire building in beauty and serenity. British artist Mat Collishaw brings a digital interpretation of the Mystic Lamb on four large dancing robot arms and regular live concerts complete the enchanting atmosphere.


Lights On Van Eyck is a collaboration between the City of Ghent, Mankind and CREATE.eu, who were already big crowd-pleasers during the previous Light Festival, where they revealed their fire-breathing dragon. The spectacle therefore also provides a brief preview of the next Ghent Light Festival. This multimedia experience is accessible to a wide audience: families, tourists, schools, art lovers,... The show takes about 25 minutes. Tickets can be pre-ordered on this website.


The Design Museum in the Jan Breydelstraat also ties in with the Van Eyck year, with its exhibition Kleureyck, from March 13th to September 6th, 2020. The exhibition starts from Van Eyck’s revolutionary shades and shows what color means for contemporary designers. You can truly walk through the 8 large color groups of Jan Van Eyck. Around 100 design pieces show how light, patterns and materials all have their influence on how you perceive color. In addition, you experience the astonishing power of color in the so called "experience rooms". Eleven designers each got their own area to show how they got inspired by color and senses. More information about this exhibition can be found here. Combination tickets together with the exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts are also provided.

Fully inspired by all the lights and colors? At a ten-minute walk from the Museum of Fine Arts you can unwind in our Hotel Astoria, and let your senses smoothly relax.

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