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The Transylvania Archive & Blood Test: Legends of the past and genetics of the future in the Dr. Guislain Museum

Transylvania, the land beyond the forests, home of Dracula and his vampire brood. A region where truth and legends merge. The yeti, the abominable snowman: a giant monkey, a wild primeval man or a monkey’s uncle? Two subjects that bridge the gap between our everyday world and that of fantasy.

It is this interplay of reality and mythology that is the subject of the double exhibition "The Transylvania Archive - Agent N37 and the Yeti File", a project by the Russian artists Marta Volkova and Slava Shevelenko. What is truth? When are you being misled? Can reality be constructed and what role does political reality play in this? A number of old KGB documents supposedly show that the Russian secret service had been investigating the Yeti for years, and that certain beetles could turn into coins. But where does reality end and fiction begin? The exhibition runs until October 20, 2019.


Until that same date you can also visit the exhibition "Blood test" in the Dr. Guislain Museum. Will we become healthier in the future? Diseases are being treated better and better, genetic interventions are already possible. Can we face a future without beauty flaws? In this exhibition, various artists examine whether we want to hear everything that science tells us, because more knowledge also means more responsibility. "Blood test" is not only an exhibition, but also a walking opera, a total spectacle of music and theater that takes place twice in September.


You can find more information about both exhibitions here. In the meantime, a visit to the permanent collection of Museum Dr. Guislain is also definitely worth your while: you will find a fascinating glimpse into the history of psychiatry and mental health, based on utensils, art and research, housed in the old building of the 19th-century psychiatric clinic of Dr. Jozef Guislain. Although not as well known among tourists, this is one of the top museums in Ghent.
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