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Real food doesn't have a label

In our Foodcorner you will find home-made dishes as well as tasty drinks.

Where and when? Our Foodcorner is located in front of the reception, accessible 24 hours a day and completely self-service.

What makes it special? Here, too, we have chosen not to neglect sustainability and ecology. With this in mind, all dishes come in reusable glass bowls, which we are happy to wash up for you after use. The drinks too come in glass bottles, not plastic or tins. You will also find cutlery, plates and glasses. 

What can you find there? You will find snacks, drinks, soup with bread, home-made fish, meat and pasta dishes, ice cream, pure chocolate mousse and rhubarb pie. 

Pricey? No, as it is a take-away concept, where you heat up your favourite dish yourself, it is also take-away prices. Prices vary between €5 and €20. 

Bon appetit!

Food corner