Lam Gods AR Tour at St. Bavo's Cathedral

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Starting March 25, 2021, you can discover the wondrous but eventful history of the Lamb of God and of Ghent's St. Bavo Cathedral through Augmented Reality glasses or tablets. 

The AR tour is offered in 3 different versions. Based on your previous knowledge you can opt for the 'standard' tour, the slightly more light-hearted 'family' tour or the 'master of detail tour'. You also have the option of choosing a 40-minute tour or a 60-minute tour. Furthermore, the tour is offered in 9 different languages.

You also have the option of viewing only the Lamb of God. This tour takes 25 minutes. 

After your visit we welcome you with open arms in our hotel. Throughout the Astoria Hotel you can find fragments of the Mystic Lamb. This is definitely worth a visit! 

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