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You don’t want to discover Ghent with a traditional walking tour? Can it be a little more original, active, child friendly?

How about a children's poetry route? With the help of an activity booklet you will pass 10 poetic places in the Ghent city centre. For each stop there is an appropriate poem and a playful assignment. This walking route was compiled by poet Riet Wille and is published by the Cultural Participation Department of the City of Ghent and the Poetry Centre. After this exciting voyage of discovery, the children can enjoy a well-deserved chocolate milk in the garden or bar of the Astoria Hotel! You can find more information at  Kinderpoëzieroute Gent.

Looking for the stolen panel of the Mystic Lamb by bike? If you have good cycling legs, then a bike ride of about 50 km in the footsteps of the investigators who since 1934 have been looking for the stolen panel of the Righteous Judges is definitely for you! After all this physical effort, you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep in Astoria hotel where you can safely park your own bike or rent one. You can find more information on
Cycling route "Rechtvaardige Rechters"  (The just judges).

Would you like to play a role in a police series together with your friends or family? And do you want to be the villain or rather the cop? Then the GPS game The Target is for you: chase, action, strategic thinking, teamwork, all the ingredients are present to spend a few intense hours full of tension in our city. And afterwards you can completely relax in hotel Astoria. More info can be found on The Target Gent .