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Ghent’s circulation plan vs. the accessibility of Hotel Astoria = great combination

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Since April 3th 2017 the new circulation plan will determine the traffic in Ghent. The city center has been divided into six sectors and a central restricted traffic area. Your GPS may not be up to date, so do pay attention to the new road signs or use Google Maps. The plan has already provoked a steady stream of controversy: according to one it’s a blessing, according to another a curse.

So what about our own Astoria hotel? Well, we are in an excellent position, actually. Our hotel is just outside the border of the inner city, so the innovation of the circulation plan do not affect us negatively in the slightest. We are still within a stone’s throw of the major inroads into Ghent, and the main Ghent Sin-Pieters railway station is only a five minute walk from our hotel. In effect, this means we are now a great deal more accessible than the hotels in the city center.

On top of that, you can hop on a tram near the hotel that will take you to the old Medieval town in ten minutes time. If the weather is lovely, you can take a 25 minute walk, through the beautiful Citadel Park, then following the banks of the Leie river, to end up at the Veldstraat shopping street or the Kouter square.
You can also rent a bicycle for €7.5 with us and make it an active day. And in the meantime you can leave your car in our private parking at minimal cost.
So don’t hesitate and circulate on over to our website where you can book one of our 27 beautiful rooms in order to have a stress-free time in Ghent. Sounds like a plan!

Astoria Hotel