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Ghent Markets: Time For Some Outdoor Shopping

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Are you looking for some flowers, a nice piece of fish or an antique candlestick for your table? The markets of Ghent have got you covered. Sunday is traditionally market day in our fair city, tradition our inhabitants love to keep. Spread out across the inner city and the suburbs there are over fifteen markets in total, providing you with both food and all different type of wares.

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The City of Ghent has brought together six of its best known markets in a walking tour through the city centre, which will give you a nice experience of the goings-on on our markets during Sunday morning. The walk start on the Kouter, amidst the beautiful colours of the flower market. Once past the old Palace of Justice you continue to the Ajuinlei, where you can peruse second hand books alongside the waters of the river Lys. Further to the north you pass the food market in the shade of the Sint-Michiels Church and the arts and crafts market on the Groentenmarkt (only between April 1 and September 30, not during the Ghent Festivities).

After that you arrive at the backside of the Sint-Jacobs church, where the famous weekly flea market is held. The area itself is well known for its little antique shops. From there you walk eastwards through the Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat to end up at the Oude Beestenmarkt, where both small pets & birds and second hand bikes are sold. Just a short distance further along the Reep and over the François Laurentplein and you end up back on the Kouter.

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Of course there are many other markets in and around Ghent besides these six, some on Sunday, some on other days of the week. For new wares you can visit he Schooldreef in Gentbrugge on Monday, the Vrijdagmarkt from Friday till Sunday, the Edmond van Beverenplein and the Ledebergplein in Ledeberg on Sunday morning. There are also several farmer’s markets where you can buy fresh producer directly from farmers and cattle breeders: on Wednesday near Bedrijvencentrum De Punt in Gentbrugge, on Thursday in the Vogelenzang, on Friday along the Antwerpsesteenweg in Oostakker, on Saturday in the Spijkstraat and Halvemaanstraat in Sint-Amandsberg and on Sunday on the Charles de L’Epéeplein.

You can find more information about the markets of Ghent here  and you can download the map of the walking route here. Loaded with purchases, you need only take a short trip on the tram to our our trusted Astoria hotel, where you can settle down after your shopping spree.